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505 Games, melalui akun Twitter resmi mereka mengumumkan bahwa Terraria akan dirilis untuk Nintendo 3DS pada tanggal 10 Desember 2015.

Terraria adalah video game sandbox dengan tampilan dua dimensi di mana pemain dapat melakukan berbagai macam hal seperti menjelajah, membangun, dan melawan musuh-musuh. Terraria sebelumnya telah dirilis untuk berbagai macam platform mulai dari PC, PlayStation, Xbox, hingga Android dan iOS. Terraria versi Nintendo 3DS akan memiliki fitur local multiplayer hingga empat pemain. Terdapat lebih dari 1300 recipe, 150 enemies, dan 15 bosses dalam Terraria. Khusus Nintendo 3DS, layar bagian bawah dapat digunakan untuk beberapa fungsi, termasuk world map.

Terraria akan dirilis melalui Nintendo eShop seharga 19,99 USD; versi physical akan dirilis pada tahun 2016 bersamaan dengan versi Wii U.


505 Games and Re-Logic are excited to announce that the critically-acclaimed sandbox adventure game Terraria will launch on Nintendo 3DS via the Nintendo eShop worldwide on 10th December priced at $19.99/£16.99. The Retail version of Terraria on 3DS will follow in early 2016, along with Terraria for Wii U in both digital and retail formats.

Reach directly into the world of Terraria with uniquely-tailored touchscreen controls, fashioning elaborate structures and fighting off enemies with an intuitive swipe of the stylus. Explore vast fantasy worlds by soaring up to floating islands in the sky or excavating down to the depths of the earth. Wage war on hundreds of different enemies – ranging from Zombies to Goblins to Unicorns to Wyverns – with weapons and armour you’ve crafted yourself. Build amazing structures and dwellings with ease, laying brick and stone with the responsive touch interface.

The Nintendo 3DS version of Terraria offers the ideal introduction to the franchise for the young and old player alike, and a fresh way to play for veterans of the franchise. Share the adventure with your friends, with four player sessions supported through Local Play; a safe and sociable multiplayer environment where players only engage with real-life acquaintances.

With over 1,300 crafting recipes, 150 enemies and 15 bosses to battle, players will have endless hours of fun as they literally dig to the ends of the earth, crafting amazing armor, weapons and other items with what they discover. Players will explore vast and vibrant worlds, encountering treacherous perils -including hundreds of twisted foes, magical creatures, and mighty monstrous bosses like the Eye of Cthulhu – to provide the ultimate test of the player’s combat ability. There may be a few Nintendo surprises in store, too!

Hundreds of hours of entertainment await … Carve out your own adventure in the infinite possibilities offered by Terraria!

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