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So many WONDERFUL characters!

Hari ini merupakan hari istimewa untuk PlatinumGames, mereka merayakan ulang tahun ke-10! Yaaaay~

PlatinumGames didirikan pada 2 Februari 2006 sebagai ODD Ltd. Lima bulang kemudian, ODD Ltd. berganti nama menjadi ODD Inc.. Pada bulan Oktober 2007, ODD Inc. bergabung dengan SEEDS Inc., SEEDS Inc. adalah pengembang video game yang didirikan oleh mantan pengembang Clover Studio Co., Ltd. yang berada di bawah Capcom. Dengan bergabungnya ODD Inc. dan SEEDS Inc., maka lahirlah PlatinumGames.

PlatinumGames seeks to provide gamers worldwide with games of the highest quality. We aim to surprise and delight our users, exceeding their expectations. It is this drive that dictates how we create our products and also how we chose a company name. Platinum, renowned for its high quality, is a metal that keeps its luster forever. It was with this property in mind that we named our company PlatinumGames Inc.

– The Meaning of PlatinumGames

PlatinumGames mengembangkan video game pertama kali pada tahun 2008 bersama Sega. Terdapat tiga video game yang mereka kembangkan pada tahun tersebut, yaitu Madworld untuk Nintendo Wii, Infinite Space untuk Nintendo DS, dan Bayonetta untuk PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360. Hingga saat ini, PlatinumGames telah mengambangkan berbagai video game seperti Vanquish, Anarchy ReignsMetal Gear Rising: Revengeance, The Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, The Legend of Korra, dan Transformers: Devastation. Pada tahun ini dan tahun depan, PlatinumGames mengembangkan video game eksklusif untuk masing-masing konsol yaitu Starfox Zero untuk Nintendo Wii U, Nier: Automata untuk PlayStation 4, dan Scalebound untuk Xbox One.

Dalam rangka merayakan ulang tahun ke-10, President & CEO PlatinumGames, Tatsuya Minamimenyampaikan pesan untuk para penggemar.


Hello, everyone. Ten years have passed since PlatinumGames was founded in 2006!

Even though our company was founded by a group of people with a decent amount of experience in the video game industry, our name recognition in the beginning was obviously nonexistent. We weren’t really in the position to make a big fanfare about establishing our company, either. I distinctly remember setting sail quietly, without really being noticed by consumers. But our goal right from the start was to create high-quality video games, and we’ve been working towards that goal ever since.

We released our first title in 2009. We used the publicity for that product to introduce ourselves to the world, and by the time the game was on shelves, we’d finally managed to establish a clear profile as a company. I strongly feel that we are still able to take our straightforward stance towards game development today thanks to a decade of support from the many fans who play our games. I am very grateful to all of you for this support.

In recent years, perhaps slightly presumptuously, we’ve adopted the slogan “Taking on the World as the Representative of Japan.” Japan used to lead the worldwide video game industry, but we can’t help but feel that it has lost some of its vitality in recent years. Yet we are using this state of affairs to motivate and inspire ourselves. If there is any conclusion that can be gleaned from this statement, it’s that we are dependent on the continued support of our fans. We will keep up our fighting stance. We will keep working hard to bring even more high-quality entertainment to all our fans all over the globe.

PlatinumGames has a bright, shining future ahead of itself, and we hope you’ll come along with us to see it.

Tatsuya Minami
President and CEO, PlatinumGames Inc.


Tak lupa, PlatinumGames pun memberikan wallpaper istimewa dengan artwork karya seniman PlatinumGames, Yong-hee Cho. Kalian dapat menemukan berbagai karakter iconic seperti Bayonetta, Raiden, para Wonderful One, Avatar Korra, dan karakter-karakter lain dari video yang yang dikembangkan PlatinumGames.

Selamat ulang tahun PlatinumGames! Terima kasih atas berbagai video game yang telah kalian berikan selama ini~

Here’s to another 10 WONDERFUL years!

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