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Dalam acara Nintendo Live @E3 tadi malam, The Pokémon Company memperlihatkan tampilan empat Pokémon baru dari generasi terbaru. Tiga Pokémon tersebut adalah Pikipek, Yungoos, Grubbin, dan Magearna.



CATEGORY Woodpecker Pokémon
TYPE Normal/Flying
HEIGHT 1’00”
WEIGHT 2.6 lbs.
ABILITY Keen Eye / Skill Link

Pikipek can strike 16 times a second with its beak. These strikes are powerful enough to not only drill through hard wood but even shatter stone. The noises made by their blows can signal others. Some of these signals have been identified as warning signals and greetings among allies. Pikipek Trainers have grown to recognize them as well.

These Pokémon drill holes in trees and store food in the holes. They also like small, glittering objects and will tuck them away in their food stores, too. It’s often said, “Something lost, something missed, check inside the Pikipek nest.”

Pikipek will attack distant opponents by zipping seeds at them. These shots have enough strength to embed the seeds in tree trunks.

Pikipek adalah Pokémon tipe Normal/Flying, Pikipek memiliki ability Keen Eye/Skill Link. Jika dilihat dari penjelasannya, Pikipek tampak terilhami dari burung pelatuk di dunia nyata.



CATEGORY Loitering Pokémon
TYPE Normal
HEIGHT 1’04”
WEIGHT 13.2 lbs.
ABILITY Stakeout / Strong Jaw

Yungoos is a big eater that is never satisfied. The majority of its long body is given over to its stomach, and its digestion is swift, so it’s always hungry. It has strong fangs, so it can crush and consume the hardest of objects.

Each Yungoos chooses its own particular route for searching out prey. It stalks along this route searching for food until it’s exhausted, at which point it drops and sleeps wherever it may be. It’s thought that these Pokémon decide their routes based on safety, so that there’s no risk in falling asleep at any time.

Yungoos is not a Pokémon that is native to the Alola region. It was brought to the region to help deal with the explosive population of a certain other Pokémon, and now Yungoos are commonly seen around the Alola region.

Some Yungoos have an Ability that no other Pokémon discovered has previously had. This Ability is known as Stakeout. With the Stakeout Ability, this Pokémon’s moves can deal twice the normal damage to any Pokémon that switch in or enter the field mid-battle.

Since this Pokémon is so common in the Alola region, it’s easy to catch one. But this Pokémon has a terrible temper when it’s hungry—and it demands a whopping amount of food.

Yungoos adalah Pokémon tipe normal dengan ability Stakeout/Strong Jaw. Dengan ability baru Stakeout, Yungoos dapat menyerang musuh yang baru masuk dalam pertarungan dengan kekuatan dua kali lipat.



CATEGORY Larva Pokémon
HEIGHT 1’04”
WEIGHT 9.7 lbs.

Grubbin relies on its sturdy jaw as a weapon in battle and as a tool for burrowing through the earth. Grubbin loves electricity, which is why it can be found near power plants and substations. By wrapping tree branches in the sticky threads that it spews from its mouth, Grubbin can swing around like an actor on suspension wires!

Grubbin adalah Pokémon tipe Bug dengan ability Swarm. Layaknya Pokémon tipe Bug generasi sebelumnya, kemungkinan Grubbin akan berubah menjadi Pokémon berwujud serangga dengan sayap.



CATEGORY Artificial Pokémon
HEIGHT 3’03”
WEIGHT 177.5 lbs.
TYPE Steel/Fairy
ABILITY Soul-Heart

Magearna is a Mythical Pokémon that was created by a scientist of uncommon genius 500 years ago. Magearna has the power to perceive the emotions, thoughts, and feelings of other Pokémon. If a Pokémon is injured, Magearna will feel the other’s pain and suffering and will try as hard as it can to save that Pokémon.

Magearna’s real body is the spherical construction in its chest called the Soul-Heart, created by a scientist who gathered the life energy from Pokémon.

Magearna has the ability to transform itself into the appearance of a Poké Ball! It does so when it sleeps, and apparently also when it’s sad.

Magearna’s Ability is the Soul-Heart Ability, a new Ability that no previous Pokémon has had. Soul-Heart has the effect of raising Magearna’s Sp. Atk by 1 each time another Pokémon in the area faints. This is a new Ability—one that can be put to good use in battle.

If you use the new QR Scanner function in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon to scan in the corresponding QR Code, you’ll be able to obtain the Mythical Pokémon Magearna! Magearna will be a special ally that you can put to work on your behalf in the world of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon.

Check back at Pokemon.com/SunMoon for details on where to find the QR Code to get Magearna!

Magearna adalah Mythical Pokémon pertama untuk Pokémon Sun & Moon. Magearna adalah Pokémon yang dibuat oleh ilmuwan jenius 500 tahun yang lalu. Magearna bertipa Steel/Fairy dan memiliki ability Soul Heart yang dapat meningkatkan Special Attack untuk setiap Pokémon yang fainted dalam pertarungan. Magearna akan dibagikan kepada Trainer dengan menggunakan fitur QR Code kelak.



Solgaleo and Lunala are two Pokémon that hold an important key to the story. The forms that these two Pokémon take when they release their mighty power are now revealed as the Radiant Sun phase and the Full Moon phase. Both appear to be shining with a stronger light than in their previously released images. What will these two do when they release their full power?

Selain memperkenalkan empat Pokémon baru, The Pokémon Company pun memperlihatkan wujud baru dari Solgaleo dan Lunala. Wujud tersebut dinamakan Radiant Sun untuk Solgaleo dan Full Moon untuk Lunala. Wujud baru tersebut tampak membuat keduanya lebih bersinar; namun, belum diketahui perubahan apa yang terjadi pada keduanya dalam wujud tersebut.

Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon feature the addition of a new battle format that has never been seen before: the Battle Royal! In the past, Pokémon battles have generally been battles of one Trainer against another. But in these Battle Royals, four players are divided in a four-way battle that pits each Trainer against each of the other three in a furious melee!

Tak lupa, The Pokémon Company pun memperlihatkan fitur baru yang dinamakan Battle Royal. Fitur ini memungkinkan empat Trainer untuk bertarung sekaligus dan menyerang setiap Pokémon yang ada. Dalam Battle Royal, ibaratnya kalian dapat bekerjasama untuk mengeroyok satu Pokémon (atau, kelak dikhianati oleh Pokémon lain).

Pokémon Sun & Moon akan diluncurkan pada tanggal 18 November 2016 di Jepang dan Amerika Serikat.

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