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Astro Boy: Edge of Time

Kehadiran situs misterius Trust The Ministry kemarin menimbulkan berbagai pertanyaan. Untungnya, hari ini kita mendapatkan kejelasan mengenai situs tersebut. Situs Trust The Ministry (sekarang berubah menjadi Play Astro Boy) adalah situs resmi untuk video game Astro Boy: Edge of Time.

A terrible dark force rips the multiverse apart, destroying reality, tearing the walls between universes apart, and shattering planets. In a last ditch effort to preserve what life still remains, a mysterious and powerful life form known as Prism snatches what still remains of life in each universe, and deposits those life forms in a crumbling but futuristic city at the end of time and space: The Sprawl.

Citizens from all of these different universes start to integrate with each other, and 8 districts are formed by the newly established government to properly govern and protect the people. Peace reigns in the Sprawl for a time, until the demon king Goa invades the Sprawl from beyond. The skies above the Sprawl turn blood red, as Goa’s invasion fleet arrives, and Atom, Magma, and other heroes gather to protect what little they have. Aiding them in battle are a new breed of hero: summoners. Able to use “cards” to manifest hard light construct versions of those they’ve met, the summoners are able to create entire armies with the flick of their wrists.

Despite a successfully repelling the Goa invasion, many of the heroes sustain heavy damage. Magma now sleeps in the center of the city, the new governmental building built around his motionless body. Atom is nowhere to be seen, and vicious rumors concerning his possible untimely death begin to circulate. A new soul now awakens in the city, and a new era begins in the Sprawl.

Astro Boy: Edge of Time adalah konsep video game CCG (collectible card game) hasil kerja sama Active Gaming Media dan Tezuka Productions. Dalam Astro Boy: Edge of Time, terdapat berbagai karakter populer karya Osamu Tezuka, yaitu Astro (Atom/Astro Boy), Ambassador Magma, Hiroya Oku, Phoenix, Dr. Ochanomizu, Hyakkimaru, Black Jack, Goa, dan Roc. Selain mereka, terdapat karakter lain yang masih misterius. Karakter-karakter karya Osamu Tezuka tersebut akan dirancang ulang sehingga lebih cocok untuk latar belakang futuristic.

Untuk memulai Astro Boy: Edge of Time, Active Gaming Media dan Tezuka Productions telah membuka laman Kickstarter dengan target dana sebesar 50000 Dolar Amerika Serikat. Terdapat berbagai pilihan pledge mulai dari 10 Dolar AS hingga 7500 Dolar AS; tentu saja, dengan berbagai perk yang tersedia. Terdapat dua mode utama dalam Astro Boy: Edge of Time, yaitu Single Player dengan story mode dan Miltiplayer dengan ranked match dan friend match. Apabila penasaran, kalian dapat mencoba langsung versi demo Astro Boy: Edge of Time dengan mengunduh melalaui tautan ini.

Astro Boy: Edge of Time direncanakan akan diluncurkan pada awal tahun 2017 untuk platform Windows, Mac, LinuxiOS, dan Android.



$50K Goal Needed to Complete Astro Boy: Edge of Time

Japan – August 23, 2016 – Active Gaming Media, in partnership with Tezuka Productions, and the legendary Macoto Tezka, transport some of the most indelible artistic creations by the Godfather of manga Osamu Tezuka to Kickstarter to raise $50K USD in funding for the completion of Astro Boy: Edge of Time. Astro Boy: Edge of Time is a digital collectible card game that brings together Astro Boy, Phoenix, Black Jack, and many others, and will launch for PC, Mac and Linux, with console aspirations via stretch goals.

“For years, fans of Osamu Tezuka’s artistic works and indelible characters have clamored for new adventures. This loyal fan base includes some of the most accomplished artists ever, including Hiroya Oku (Gantz), Satoshi Yoshioka (Snatcher, Policenauts), and HIROAKI (King of Fighters, Street Fighter IV, Advance Wars: Days of Ruin) who, alongside Makoto Tezuka, have lent their talent and imagination to helping us create a new story on a new platform, while resurrecting some of pop culture’s most famous characters,” said Ibai Ameztoy, CEO, Active Gaming Media, Inc.. “We are coming directly to the fans via Kickstarter, allowing them to directly influence the final game. Their input will help us improve the game at a time in its development cycle when new paths and ideas can be explored and implemented in order to create the best game possible and honor these characters properly.”

Astro Boy: Edge of Time takes characters from Osamu Tezuka’s vast library of characters and reimagines them in a whole new world, putting them all in a futuristic cyberpunk city for the first time. When a darkness rips through the multiverse, destroying all in its path, a mysterious power transports Tezuka’s characters from their respective worlds and brings them to a refuge from the chaos: The Sprawl, a mysterious floating cyberpunk city outside of the flow of time.

Now tasked with keeping their new home safe while learning about its mysterious history, heroes and villains alike will learn that safety in numbers might not be enough to brave this new frontier.

Astro Boy Edge of Time is, at its core, a collectible card game where players use cards based on famous Tezuka characters to create decks and fight in 1-on-1 matches against AI or other players. Astro Boy: Edge of Time’s battlefield uses positioning based gameplay that’s easy to learn for new players, and also creates new strategic options for seasoned veterans. Each player can deploy their cards to one of two planes on their side of the board, defending themselves from incoming attacks while initiating attacks of their own.

Gameplay Features:

  • Unique Positional Combat: players have access to two rows in combat: an offensive row where cards are able to attack the enemy, but cannot protect the player, and the defensive row where cards defend incoming attacks but are unable to initiate attacks.
  • Reimagined Characters: Fresh new redesigns of Tezuka’s most famous characters crafted by Japan’s most legendary illustrators.
  • Story Mode: Experience a whole new adventure with Astro Boy and other famous Tezuka characters that intertwines a deep storyline with unique card-based combat.
  • Multiplayer: Battle other players in multiple ranked and unranked online modes and prove yourself as the best summoner in the Sprawl.
  • Ongoing Development: The experience is always growing! Regular updates for Astro Boy: Edge of Time will add new cards, new story mode episodes, and new multiplayer modes, so there’s always something new around the corner.

For more information, please visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1732149603/astro-boy-edge-of-time?ref=category_recommended

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