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Daytona Championship USA, siapa sih yang tidak kenal game balapan yang menjamur di seluruh dunia, termasuk Indonesia? Game balapan ini menarik pemain awam dan pemain handal dalam satu arena balapan di Daytona USA. Game balapan ini muncul di Indonesia sudah dari tahun 1998 dengan seri Daytona USA pertama. Jarang sekali game center di Indonesia membawa Daytona USA 2 ke Game Center, entah karena mahal ataupun memang sudah waktunya masuk gudang. Namun tidak disangka, Daytona USA akan dirilis kembali dengan sequel baru, yaitu Daytona 3 Championship USA!

Rumor rilisnya Daytona USA 3 sudah banyak menjamur di kalangan nerds, khususnya dari SEGA. Dengan adanya berita resmi dari SEGA USA tentang sequel Daytona, maka lengkap sudah harapan player lama Daytona USA untuk menikmati hal-hal baru seperti trek balapan lama yang akan diperbaharui bentuk treknya, mobil dengan model baru, dan mode game lainnya.

Daytona 3 Championship USA akan memiliki 3 trek baru, termasuk trek legendaris Daytona International Speedway yang akan diperbaharui, dan tiga trek balapan lama yang pernah muncul di Daytona seri pertama dan kedua, dengan grafis yang akan di-remaster. Bentuk kabinet yang nantinya dirilis bakal lebih menarik, dengan menggunakan LED monitor berukuran 47″ dan bisa dikoneksikan sampai 8 player, sama seperti pendahulunya (meskipun di Indonesia paling banyak hanya 4 kabinet saja dan kadang tidak bisa bermain bersama secara langsung). Direncanakan juga akan ada live in-game camera system dan Live TV dalam bentuk billboard berukuran 27″ dikatakan oleh SEGA USA sendiri. Pemain maupun pengunjung yang lalu lalang bisa melihat keadaan pertandingan antar player, entah itu saling salip-menyalip, mobil terguling, dan banyak hal lain yang bisa menarik anda untuk bermain game ini loh!

Untuk tanggal perilisan resminya, SEGA USA akan memunculkan Daytona 3 Championship USA di Orlando, Florida, Amerika Serikat, pada tanggal 15-18 November. Don’t miss it, guys and gals!

Untuk pengumuman dari SEGA USA bisa dilihat dibawah ini :

You read that right, Daytona is back and just as it was first time around in the 90s, it’s set to be a game changer. Daytona USA is the pinnacle of arcade racing and now Sega is ready to bring its #1 racer screeching into the 21st century!

It revolutionised the arcade scene when it was first launched in 1994, and this franchise can deservedly lay claim to bold statements such as iconic, classic and legendary.

This brand new version, Daytona 3 Championship USA, features three brand new tracks including a recreation of the newly renovated Daytona International Speedway. In addition, the original three classic courses have been remastered for the modern era. New cars and new game modes bring more for players old and new to experience.

Sega has gone all out on a cabinet design to do this global brand justice and make it stand out from the pack. The cabinet with 47” LED monitor is linkable for up to eight players and lit from top to bottom. It even has a moulded under seat engine! New game features include a live in-game camera system so you can enjoy maximum bragging rights as you overtake your friends! Also brand new to Daytona 3 is the ‘Live TV’ inspired spectator video billboard marquee with 27” display. This allows spectators to see what’s happening in the race, whether it’s a crash, a pass for position or to find out who’s winning or losing!

“This is a game changer. This is a premium game that delivers on quality, player experience and operator features that sets a very high bar for arcade video racing games. Importantly we have based it on the original game engine that gave us the amazing ‘AI’ and ‘catch up’ feeling that we all grew to love” commented Patrick Michael, Head of Local R&D.

The game also has an all-new party mode allowing operators to run special events easily. In addition, to assist engineers, there is the introduction of ‘Sega-IQ Intelligent Service Menus’; these are designed to offer prompts and troubleshooting advice when the onsite technician is maintaining the game.

“At SEGA we have always been passionate about developing the best arcade racing games, it’s part of our DNA, so to have the opportunity to work on this title that truly captures the spirit of the racing scene in Daytona is nothing short of an honour.” commented Sega’s CEO Paul Williams.

Whether players enjoyed the game back in the 90s or experience it now for the first time, they’ll find it’s easy to pick up and fun to master; with simple and quick menu options they will be straight to the starting grid. Confidence will come from the first lap and the competitive spirt will kick in as players find themselves challenging their rivals for the lead!
Developed and manufactured to the highest quality, Daytona 3 Championship USA will feature in game rooms and FEC’s for years to come.

Have you got what it takes to take the flag again…. because Daytona is back!

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